Rio Scenarium
, R. do Lavradio, 20
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

c +55 21 3147-9000
Must Do If there is a must do in Rio this is at the top of the list. three floors of old antique emporium now a dance club.

When we were the crowd ranged from 20 yr olds to 60 yr olds

Weekend nights w/o reservation the line is going to be huge to get in, my suggestion is to walk up to the VIP entrance near the door politely talk to the guy and tell him you are interested in a table if available - sure you will spend some money but it's worth it.

Bring Cash it's much faster to pay at the end of the night
Oh and just don't lose your drink ticket cause that is how they track how much you have had to drink and you can't get out without it being stamped as paid.