Brenden Mulligan's Tiplists


Carmel is a quirky little town right on the water with great opportunities for wandering and lots of great stuff within short driving distance.


Some of my favorites from Tokyo

Non-Strenuous Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but some of the hikes can be really hard for someone who has limited mobility or isn't in great shape. We've had some family come out and be intimidated at the idea of going because they feel like they wont be able to see a lot, so here's a list for anyone who wants a less strenuous Yosemite trip.


One of our favorite wine regions

Redwood City Coffee Shops

I have no idea why, but Redwood City has an absurd number of coffee shops in a tiny little town. Here's a rundown of your options.


I spent 10 straight days living in Istanbul, didn't leave the city, and instead just tried to soak in the local scene. As always, most of my time was slowly meandering through the city, eating and drinking along the way.

Cape Town

Cape Town was stunning. I didn't expect it. An absolutely beautiful city on the coast, surrounded by incredible natural experiences. Spend a few days in the town, then venture down the coast and then northeast to the winelands. So much to do, it's hard to leave.

Buenos Aires

I visited Buenos Aires in November, 2010. It was an amazing week of exploring, eating, and relaxing. I absolutely loved BA, and can't wait to go back.

Tel Aviv

I spent a week in Tel Aviv almost a decade ago, so these tips are probably out of date. But some are still valid. I loved it there!

San Diego

I lived in San Diego for a year and go back several times a year. A lot of these tips are old but I still love them all.


Bangkok is dirty, crowded, busy, and loud. But I love it. It's like nowhere I've ever been and somewhere I always want to return to. I've been 5+ times at this point. Hopefully many more to come.